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Ulianka's Glitters makes the world a more sparkly place!
We cater for all types of events: wedding reception, hen party, corporate event, children’s party!

Our glitter can be served as a separte party when you are all covered and sparkly (including hair glitter), or as a small addition to the face and body art services. We have a huge range of colours, sizes and shapes for you to choose from including UV reactive which glow under black lights in clubs. We do glitter beards, roots, gem centerpieces for the hostess and can apply glitters to arms or decolletage areas to sparkle your guests at your special occasion.

We care about the environment and mostly use biodegradable glitters. All our glitters and glitter fix gels are cosmetic grade and safe to use on the skin.

Glitter all the way

Glitter Bar

This table is full of SPARKLE, we provide gold coloured sequin table cloth draped over our table, loads of fine and chunky glitters and if you have a theme we can find some table decor to go with it. We suggest this is fab for Weddings, Parties and Events.

We come earlier to set up the place and we make sure nothing is left after.

Want a great photo backdrop to go with your Glitter Bar - you can hire our 7ft tall, 6ft wide gold Glitter Curtain backdrop.

as much as you want

Grand project or little sparkly addition

Ulianka cares her small glitter pack for regular face and body painting events, so you are all covered when booking a party! If you need more, we can transform you into the character of your choice covered in glitter. It requires a different technique, that is why we offer individual appointments at Ulianka's studio. We also have a variety of jems and sequins or props to add as an option.

• You can also book a party space in Aberdeen's cafe function room (Frogmoon Cafe) with glitter backdrop fitted and ready to shine. Click Here for more details.

Glitterize for a project

Freehand Glitter tattoo

Ulianka is UK "Freehand Gliter Tattoo" winner in 2018 and runner up in 2019

Freehand glitter tattoo is a glitter application with a special body glue. Glue is apllied with a brush and an applicator. Ulianka makes her Freehand Gliter Tattoo only custome design which can stay on you a couple of days. It is great for a glam night out or a creative project!

• Perfect for Bridal/Special Occasion Body Art Tattoo - Private Appointment

• If you book a photo session (Frogmoon Cafe) we have a glitter backdrop fitted and ready for pictures. Contact Ulianka for more details.

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