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Hi! My name is Ulianka. I specialize in paintings of all types. I am in love with one stroke technique, but aprecciate "old fashioned" sponges as well! My paintings are not just about birthday parties. I have extensive experience working at mass events - at festivals and museums, working in front of the camera, painting others for film production, looks for Comicons, belly painting / the whole body, special effects for Halloween, 3D illusion works, and many works in UV light.

Just a few more facts about me:

• I am produced over 30 makeup films for the BBC social channel.

• My works were printed in such international journals as Wet Paint Magazine, Qmagazine etc.

• My works often appears on Instagram of such brands as: @Dupemagazine, @Mehron, @Nyx And many other cosmetics companies.

• I won many international competitions from around the world, travel and run workshops.

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