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Body painting and face art is your answer to creative way on promoting your business. When showing a promotional content we have less than a second to make an impression. With body art content viewers would be intrigued to look at it, wanting to look back, have a second glance. Body art psychologically has been proved to be the effective way to bring ones attention. In today’s social media driven world videos have every chance to go viral. Claim your presence using face and body art on tastefully body painted models. Camouflage, clothes, illusion, even background and any design and theme for: model, books, calendars, portfolios can be painted. The only limit is the imagination.

We are here to capture a mood, emotion or feeling that a product can elicit in a viewer. We are concerned with appealing to instincts within a viewer that would create a need to have the product of react a certain way. Whether the painting is framed in such a way as to make it seem sexy, beautiful or trendy, the overall effect is of inducement to take an action. Our job is to tell a captivating story through the use of stylized images, colors, lighting, and framing.

Ulianka can paint and capture the art processs to bring your idea to life, or can help you with creating required visual effects at your own location and within your own setting.

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When you need from us only the ready image, you can leave this part with us; we can generate ideas around content itself, as well as shooting photos.

Generating Ideas: The creative process can work differently for different projects and companies. You may have a clear idea of what you want, or you may only know what you want to achieve with your advert, with little vision of what the end product will look like. Regardless of your input, the creative process will end with a sketch of the painting.

Travel If you are working with your own photographer and would like to create the whole story with some additions of creative makeup, Ulianka will be happy to travel to the place of shooting and create an Artwork or Special Effect Makeup you desire. Ulianka will provide all the materials needed.

Pre Production and shooting: Set and Crew: We work with a few models and photographers with a studio that we collaborate for creative projects. So if the project consist of only painting, you can leave this to us and don't wory about looking for staff, place, licencing, permits and safety procedures. If you are looking for Ulianka to paint on herself, the same rule apply - there is little to no involvement from you at this stage.

Post Production: The editor will select and can edit the photos to match the mood intended to be created. In most cases we can provide you number of photos, edited or not (depending on the agreement). We can provide in various resolutions suitable for different social platforms as Instagram, Facebook etc.

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