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Fake tattoo

Spices Up Life

Temporary Airbrush and Freehand Tattoos appeals to all ages. We make corporate parties pop with our skin safe airbrush fun. Your guests will experience all of the fun & excitement of getting a Tattoo without any consequences.

Our tattoos are Skin Safe body paints, Instant drying, water resistantand can last for several days... and can be instantly removed with baby oil, rubbing alcohol, or by scrubbing with any oil base soap.

Airbrush is great for adult events, children parties, photo shoots. Freehands are a good choice for commercial campaign! We combine our professional talent with agood quality product, to create the perfect event entertainment & marketing solution.

Party time

Spray it on!

We create impressive sleeves, leg, back or chest pieces that look just like the real thing without the pain! Simply choose an element from our available designs or combine them

We use top quality, skin safe products available in hybrid paints which are long lasting and water resistant - that wash off with liquid soap.

• Ideal for Swimming pool parties

• You can book a party in Aberdeen cafe where I can paint one person at a time in specifically designed function room (Frogmoon Cafe) while everyone else is enjoing the meal. You will be able to take photos there with a nice background fitted for photos. Contact Ulianka for more details.

To be or no to be?

Free hand temporary tattoo

You want a real tattoo, but not sure what to get and wether you'd like it on yourself?

Ulianka can make a sketch based on what is important to you and paint it on the chosen place so you can see for yourself how you feel when it is on your skin. The painting will last up to a week and will give you a feel of a real tattoo. No pain, no consequences.



Artist(s) will not paint any part of body that is illegal to expose in public, or any place they do not feel comfortable painting. Artist(s) will not paint any design or wording that is obscene, offensive, or defies good taste, in the Artist’s opinion. For sanitary reasons, the Artist(s) will not paint anyone who appears to be sick or suffering from cold sores, conjunctivitis, or any infectious skin conditions or open wounds. The Artist(s) will stop painting immediately, if anyone being painted is in distress or changes their mind after the painting has started. The Artist(s) reserve the right to refuse to paint individuals who are exhibiting inappropriate or offensive behavior, in the Artist’s opinion.




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