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Mural Commission Terms & Conditions


1. The Artist has the right to refuse any Commission request, without needing to explain the reason.
1.1 Artist reserves the right to cancel or reschedule booked work for unforeseen circumstances or health and safety reasons.
1.2 Artist will not enter into any dialogue, accept any requests or communicate in any way with anyone other than the client except where the client has provided written permission that allows them to do so.
2. The acceptance of the quote, electronically or by any other means signifies a full acceptance and commitment to accept these terms and conditions.
3. The Artist will not reproduce a copyrighted image or character without consent of its copyright owner.
4. The Artist reserves the right to stop work on a Commission, or cancel a Commission request due to poor communication, rude/inappropriate behavior, an inability to effectively communicate, or a breach of these Terms of Service.
5. By commissioning the Artist, the Client is purchasing the Artist’s labor only. The Artist retains all rights to the Commission, which includes but is not limited to: Distribution, reproduction, use of the Commission for Artist promotion (e.g. Profiles, Personal Space, Public Space, as defined in the Definitions section herein, etc.); or as it applies to new Terms of Service agreed upon in a Commercial Purpose Commission Agreement as defined in the Definitions section herein.
6. The Client must specify the content of their Commission to the best of their ability prior to a Commission Agreement. A complex Commission may incur additional illustration fees, to be defined and agreed upon in the Commission Agreement prior to Start of Work.
7. The Client must specify the desired display size of the Commission.
8. If the Commission is time-sensitive, a rush fee may be applied, to be defined and agreed upon in the Commission Agreement prior to Start of Work.
9. If the Commission is defined as confidential in the Commission Agreement, the Artist will temporarily delay public display of the image at the request of the Client and as defined in the Commission Agreement until such time the Commission Agreement specifies public display is permitted. A Client may not request the Artist to complete a Commission without defining the timespan in the Commission Agreement to eventually allow the Artist to publicly display the image.
10. The Client may not distribute, reproduce, or otherwise profit from the Commission, beyond the resale of the original, [traditional art] Commission, or as it applies to new Terms of Service agreed upon in a Commercial Purpose Commission Agreement as defined in the Definitions section herein
10.1 The client may not edit, alter, or trace the Commission without the Artist’s expressed, written permission, or as agreed upon in the Commission Agreement prior to Start of Work.
11. The Client may display the Commission in Profiles as long as the Artist’s name (Ulianka) is prominently displayed.
11.1 Under no circumstances may the Client submit a Commission to any kind of contest.
11.2 The Client cannot display a Commission outside of Personal Space or in a Public Space unless the Commission is executed under new Terms of Service agreed upon in a Commercial Purpose Commission Agreement prior to Start of Work. The Client must obtain written permission from the Artist prior to displaying the Commission in a Public Space if not already defined in the Commission Agreement; additional fees may apply.
14. If the Commission is for Commercial Purpose, the Artist must be notified prior to the Start of Work. Commercial use of the Commission will be decided on a case-by-case basis. New Terms of Service must be written and agreed upon in a Commercial Purpose Commission Agreement before the Start of Work.
15. The Client may request a preview of the Commission at any time during the creation process, but may not request changes to the Commission after Start of Work, unless a change process is agreed upon in the Commission Agreement prior to Start of Work.
16. Refunds may only be issued if the Client notifies the Artist prior to Start of Work. No refunds will be issued after Start of Work, nor will a refund be issued before or after Start of Work if any of these Terms of Service are breached. Additionally, the Artist has the right to revoke access to, and stop work of, the Commission at any time after Start of Work if these Terms of Service are breached.



• All necessary materials will be provided by us and will always be of high quality and used in an appropriate manner according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
• Client is responsible to ensure that all valuable/fragile items, electrical goods are removed from the rooms used by the artist.
• Items that cannot to be moved from the working areas will be suitable covered by the Client. We will undertake every effort to keep them clean, however they will remain in place at the customers own risk, including carpets and floor coverings.
• During external works, we may require access within a lawn or bedded area. Although we endeavour to be as careful as possible, the use of equipment and the process of works may cause some temporary damage to these areas.
• If there are parking restrictions immediately and surrounding the site, we may request the temporary use of the customers driveway or parking space if available. Parking fees if required are to be paid for by the Client.
• The Client will be expected to provide electrical power, running water and toilet facilities where reasonably possible.


Required Client Information

• Email Address: The Client is encouraged to contact the Artist via email (art@ulianka.com) to query a Commission.
Phone Number (Optional):The Artist will not call the Client unless there is a conflict in schedule, payment, or a breach in the Terms of Service.
Other Forms of Communication: The Client may request a different form of communication (e.g., phone call, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc.) to discuss a project before signing a Commission Agreement, by initially using the contact form on this website. However, the Artist must have the Client’s email address when entering into a Commission Agreement after query and discussions are complete.
Physical Address: The Artist needs the Client’s address if the Artist is painting at the premices.
Age: If the Client is under 18, the Client must supply contact information for a parent or guardian. The Artist reserves the right to contact the parent/guardian of an under-aged Client, to ensure that there is no breach in the Terms of Service, and the Client is able to pay for the Commission.



Payment: The Artist requires %50 payment up front before Start of Work, and 50% after the work is ready, unless otherwise agreed upon in the Commission Agreement.
Currency: All prices are expressed in U.K. Pound sterling (GBP), and payments are expected to be made as such. The Client is responsible for providing the correct amount, equal to the GBP amount. Please visit XE.com for accurate currency conversions.
Method: The Artist’s preferred method of payment is via PayPal services, and addressed to art@ulianka.com
For Clients with PayPal: This link provides a direct PayPal transfer to the Artist.
For Clients without PayPal: This link provides payment options without need of a PayPal account.
• Additional payment methods can be made available to the Client upon request.
Cancellation: Please refer to General Terms no.16 for refund policy.


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Murals FAQ


What is a Mural?

A mural is a piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface.

How long does it take to paint a mural?

This depends on the size of the wall area, the detail of the design, the location of your home or mural and whether I will be working on a ladder or around other obstacles. Most murals take approx 1-5 days, but in a big project, they can take even two weeks or more to complete.

How to prepare the wall?

In most rooms I do not paint every square inch of wall so the base wall color will show through and should be in good condition so as not to detract from the finished mural. If I am doing a full room mural I can quote a price for painting the base color along with the detailed mural and offer a second quote if you want to paint the base color yourself. If it is an existing wall and the wall is in good condition, no special preparation is required. If the mural design requires a specific colour for the full background – the wall will need to prepared and painted in the background wall colour before I arrive to start painting the mural– and I always provide the colour reference needed for the specific background colour required. If the wall already has a textured wallpaper on – this will need to be removed (because it is very difficult to paint fine detail on textured walls or brick) once the wall is made smooth a background painted colour is required before the mural is painted.

• If there is a textured wall, like bricks, concrete, which is not supposed to be all covered in mural but remain raw, small decorative details can be added without prior wall preparartion (depends on the project).

How far do you travel? Do you paint outside Aberdeen, UK?

I will travel to the moon, if you pay my expenses! I stay in Aberdeen, Uk, however, I do also paint all over the UK and Europe. I simply add travelling expenses to my quotation.

Can you do custom designs?

Yes! I usually begin by thinking about the space as a whole:  the angle/s the wall will be seen from, who uses the space, and the “feeling” you want to bring to the space.  The imagery I create, the use of colour, dynamic form, and subject are designed to fit your specific space and audience. I usually begin by discussing your ideas with you with you over the phone or via email free of charge, so I can understand what you are wanting to achieve with your mural painting and the type of room it will be painted in. I can then provide you with some design ideas and options for you to choose from.

Do I need to provide you with anything on the day of the event?

I come with everything I need: table, cloth, tools, paints, etc. so there is no extra set up or clean for you! The only thing to consider is a good lighting.

Will you paint outdoors?

Yes, from time to time I paint outdoor murals.

What type of paints do you use?

For bigger spaces i use safe non toxic low odour emulsion paints which are durable, quick drying and safe for use in children's bedrooms. For details I mostly use artist’s acrylics which are water-based, non-toxic, dry immediately and have virtually no odor. For high traffic public spaces painting can ve additionallu varnished. All the paints I use keep their colour for years. I always provide protection for your carpets and furniture, guaranteeing a clean working environment is always maintained throughout the painting process. By the time I clean up my equipment, the paint is dry.

Can you paint a mural on panels to be installed on location?

Yes. I can paint my murals on MDF panels. How the panels are attached depends on the intended longevity of the mural in the space, whether it is designed to be mobile or not. Panels can be ordered up to 2m x1m in dimension; a large mural may require several pieces fitted together.

How I can book the date?

To book the date, I take an advance payment for materials, etc. Usually, it is about 30% of the price of the whole project.

Can I have a mural on a low budget?

Yes! The price of the mural can be adapted to virtually every budget so everyone can really afford a mural at home. Murals starts from £250 locally

Where can you paint the mural?

Murals can be painted just about anywhere. I paint in private homes, children bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, in commercial premises, companies, hospitals, nurseries, schools and many other places. I even painted a mural on the garage door in a harbour! I can paint on surfaces such as walls, ceilings, furnitures, doors, columns, bricks, MDF panels, etc..

How do I book you?

You can either ring me on 00447930669300 or email me at art@ulianka.com or via the Contact form. I simply require written confirmation and a deposit to secure the date.

How do I pay the deposite

Cash, Bank or PayPal. We are happy to send you an invoice for convenience.

What technique do you use?

I paint mainly with brushes, sponges and rollers, etc. occasionally I might use airbrush

Why should we choose you?

SO MANY REASONS! We are specializing in painting murals, canvases art and furniture and have a huge experience in painting on all kinds of surfaces. We are insured. Have you seen our gallery of art? We are real artists. We are always using the highest quality products and follow safety standards. Don't settle for less. We are trusted by the BBC, Curated Place (Spectra Festival); Aberdeen Art Gallery; Aberdeen Maritime Museum; Subsea 7; LV; Alans Magic; Aberdeen First Bus, Dorothy Perkins, Lego and many more. See what our happy clients have to say about us. We specialize in murals for nurseries, children’s rooms and preschools, and also love painting business logos. We do any brush-blended Faux wall treatments, skies on ceilings. See more examples of our work.

What type of wall paint should be used for the base wall color?

Select a water-base paint in an Eggshell, Satin, or low luster sheen. Do NOT use one of those new paints with the anti-stick ingredients because nothing will stick to your walls. (They are unable to have murals painted on them!)

Do you do the prep work? Do you roller paint?

I can do minor patching of nail holes and usually only roller paint when painting a full room mural. Just ask when you have me on site and we’ll decide what is best.

Will I be able to wash the wall? Do you put a topcoat on the mural when it’s finished?

I usually don’t put any type of coating over the painting. The acrylic paint is water resistant and permanent when dry. It can be gently washed. I haven’t had a single client call me with any problem associated with washing a painted wall.

If we need to paint over the mural in the future, how is this done?

The painted surface may need to be lightly block sanded if there are slight variations in the thickness of paint. The colorful surface needs to be primed with a good quality primer. Then painting your walls should proceed as normal.

What is the best season to paint?

If mural is going to be inside, we paint year-round. Outside the best results are achieved when it is warmer that 10-15 degrees C and not raining. Monitoring forecasts, temperature and relative humidity is a part of our daily ritual.

Can I leave my home while you work?

Yes. Most people we work for are not home while work is going on. While you are at work or running errands, we will be busy painting. We are fully insured so there is nothing to worry about.

What can I do to help make the project go more smoothly?

One of our main goals is to complete your project with as little disruption to your life as possible. Before your project starts we will provide you with a list of things that you can do to help us to complete your project as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Will you complete my job in a timely manner without interruption?

Yes. We try to schedule each job to be completed in consecutive days.

What hours do your crews work?

We generally work 8am - 5pm. We can do work at other hours if needed, but these are our standard working hours.

How will my personal property be protected from paint?

On interiors, after you have removed your delicate items, all areas or remaining items, will be covered with clean drop cloths or plastic sheeting. On exteriors, shrubs and surrounding areas will be protected so that no evidence of paint splatter or paint peelings remains.

Do I need to move everything from the rooms before you paint?

Please move all small items and breakables. Unless agreed otherwise, we will protect all of the furniture and fixtures.

How long will it take for the paint to dry?

With small exceptions I paint with acrylics. Acrylic paint dries much faster than Alkyd (oil). Usually a couple of hours is plenty of time, by the time we finish packing for the night, painting should be touch dry. Oil paint though should dry overnight.

When do I pay you?

A payment schedule is outlined in our contact. We will invoice you accordingly and will expect to be paid at that time.

How long will my exterior mural last?

Generally an exterior painting job can be retouched every 5-10 years. In good condition it can last longer. Wood expands and contracts a bit with changing temperatures which loosens the paint, so it will last shorter. If the wall is in a bad condition when you get to it, do yourself a favor – go the extra length and ensure that thorough surface preparation is done. The idea is to create a sound surface for the new coats to adhere to. This requires more time but is necessary for the mural to last.

What should I look for in a mural artist?

All mural painters are definitely NOT created the equal. There are many factors that should be considered when choosing who is going to work on your home or business. You can save yourself a good amount of aggravation if you choose the a good one.

How do I maintain my interior painting job?

Interior paint typically gets dirty in many situations: hand prints around switches and knobs; splashes in kitchens and bathrooms; marks on hallways and corridors; “soot” accumulating above electric lamps and other heat sources. Removing dirt before it accumulates not only improves appearance, it reduces chances of it getting permanently embedded in the paint film. Check for dirt periodically and assume it will be present in and near cooking areas (airborne cooking oil) and at all places at hand height. Always initially clean the surface with a mild detergent using a sponge or a soft cloth. Resort to harsher cleaners only when necessary. Washed surfaces should be rinsed thoroughly because residual cleaner can interfere with adhesion of paint applied later.

When do I pay you?

A payment schedule is outlined in our agreement. We will invoice you accordingly and will expect to be paid at that time.

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