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Professional Body Painting

Body painting has been a means of expression for humans for thousands of years. In the past century this art has gained popularity. Body paint has been showcased in performances, movies and grand events.

Today, more and more museums and art galleries are recognising body painting as a form of fine art. Body painting transforms the human body into a beautiful canvas, de picting the stories we want to portray, conveying messages. Today there are dedicated events specifically to showcase the art of body painting, like bodypainting festivals and art gallery events.

Innovative Photo/Video Campaign

Show your brand

Body painting and face art is your answer to creative way on promoting your business. When showing a promotional content we have less than a second to make an impression. With body art content viewers would be intrigued to watch it, wanting to look back, have a second glance. Body art psychologically has been proved to be the effective way to bring ones attention. In today’s social media driven world videos have every chance to go viral. Claim your presence using face and body art on tastefully body painted models. Camouflage, clothes, illusion and any design and theme for model books, calendars, portfolios can be painted. The only limit is the imagination.

Painting for the event

The event they will remember

Entertain your guests - show the artwork appearing during the event, or have the models ready greeting guests at the entrance.
• Living statue
• Your logo/brand exporure or "simple" artwork which everyone attending will remember
• Life body painting during events, fairs, fashion shows, dancers painted for special black light shows with fluorescent paints
• Waitresses and bar staff body painted for serving the guests

Get ready for your performance

Only wearing the paint

Are you ready to show what is most important to you? Well... we cover our male nad female models not only with paint. First of all we cover the private parts, so our models are safe to go to the public and show the art for all ages. We also can work on props like huge head pieces to emphasize the effect, or play with our paint to create an illusion. Like clothes.

In case you are getting ready for a themed party or event contact us for one to one appointment where we can transform you into a character of your choice.

Book your painting today.

Pregnant Belly Art

Special to you and your family

Prenatal Belly Painting is a unique way to celebrate pregnancy and to imprint your precious memories in unusual and stylish way. Perfect for Baby Shower party or photostudio trip/family event. We can take pictures with a professional camera as an additional service, or you can bring your own photographer. Ulianka will do your personalized unique design. Contact us to discuss your ideas and to organize a date at our studio in Aberdeen. Although the paint will wash away, the memory and the photographs can bring a lifetime of smiles and someday to share with your child. Some ideas could be - flowers, swirls, abstract arts, a cartoon, your honeymoon location, or something personal...

It is also a great idea to buy a session voucher as a present.

Professional Approach

Safe, Effecient, Impressive

It is imperative that our work is safe, durable, comfortable and Awesome! We use strictly cosmetics grade make-up and paints. We know what type of makeup to use to prepare models for camera shoot, for performance, public exhibition or even a whole day of filming.

A full body paint could take between 2.5 and 10 hours. Time depends on amount of details in the design, whether a use prosthetic pieces are needed. Prosthetics application requires more time.

As an option we can invite another face/body painter to speed up the process

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