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Well into the 21st century, body painting has and will continue to be on the cutting edge in today's entertainment industry and in the Corporate world. Corporations and Business can utilize body painting as a profitable promotional tool. Painting logos or advertisements on a human body is considered a creative way to capture the attention of many spectators and create a strong visual impact to the human eye. Ulianka's paintings are ideal for making your event stand out from the crowd. From a themed christmas party to a local store opening, nothing is too big or too small. Ulianka is professional punctual and polite, whilst always works to the highest standards.

Corporate event

The most unusual way expose theme or logo of event/brand on a human body! Ulianka will be pleased to realize your company presentation and guarantees the highest standards in color and precision for logo paintings. Required data: high resolution JPG. Please make sure you send Ulianka your data at least one week prior to the event.

Artistic body art for tv/ web display/ Fashion show

Ulianka creates stylish face and body designs to any theme for individuals wanting to look spectacular! No fashion gets more attention than a body painted design. Have a piece of art walking around on display at your event.

themed Parties/events

Ulianka can make a themed party eg. painting masks or arm design (same or different) on your staff or guests. It can bring a whole new dimension to your party. Club, parties, corporate events are hugely successful.

Face Painting for Charity/Fundraising event

Are you holding a charity event or fundraiser event? What a better way to add to the day than through a face painting? Let Ulianka painting to set up a stand at your next charity event or fundraiser and create a fun atmosphere for all ages. We are proud to donate a percentage of the face painting profits to the cause. Contact us to learn more.

Neon Event

Need event Ideas? A glow party, also known as a neon or glow in the dark party, is a very popular event theme. Invite Ulianka to make faces painted with high quality paints reacting and glowing under UV lights.