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Be Special

we are doing Private sessions. If your interested in being painted in the comfort of your living establishment, call and make an appointment. We will be happy to accommodate you and make your Fantasy Fest a great one. Please call us in advance to make an appointment to insure that we can paint you before you go out on to party.

Halloween parties

If you're looking for an amazing Halloween disguise, face painting is a great idea to make it look your way: scary, spooky and amazing!

Hen parties

Face painting at hen parties is a fun way to get all the girls giggling. Choose a theme for your hen night and I will bring some designs for your specific theme or just make individual designs for you & your guests. Pamper yourself and make your hen party one to remember.

Before disco/ neon party

Need Party Ideas? A glow party, also known as a neon or glow in the dark party, is a very popular party theme. Use black lights bulb to make everything glow in the dark. Ask your friends to wear plain black or white t-shirts (best for neon glow fun) and invite Ulianka to make your faces painted with high quality paints reacting and glowing under UV lights.

Artistic body art for photo shots / studio photography

Ulianka creates stylish face and body designs to any theme for individuals wanting to look spectacular! I can also take pictures with a professional camera . You can choose to use my services or bring your own photographer. 


Have your favorite sports team jersey, mascot or team colors painted on at your party or event.


keep our little angels occupied.
What can be better than big family party? Children are important part in every life event. If there are children present at a wedding, Ulianka's face paintings are ideal to keep them occupied while the speeches are being made or just to have fun! See more children designs at children gallery

belly art - baby shower party!

Prenatal Belly Painting is a beautiful way to celebrate pregnancy and to imprint your precious memories in unusual and stylish way. Perfect for Baby Shower party or photostudio trip/ family event. I can also take pictures with a professional camera. You can choose to use my services or bring your own photographer.